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The Outsiders Prefs and Imagines <on hold>

The Outsiders Prefs and Imagines <on hold>

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Eva and Maia By ima_hooked_pangirl Updated Sep 28, 2016

It says it all in the title...

Name- Sophia Curtis (Sodas twin)💜
                              Boy- Dallas Anthony Winston💙
                              Description- long light brown hair, pasty pale skin, blue-green eyes, always laughing, doesn't want to grow up, wild (a lot like Two-Bit)😂💝
                              Plot- idc make one up!!!😀😊💞
-frenchiest-fry -frenchiest-fry Feb 24, 2016
Name: Gabby
                              Boy: Two-bit
                              Description: Really short with medium length brown hair and bangs that are swept to the side, Deep brown eyes. 
                              Plot: It's finally my 17th birthday and Two-Bit wanted to do something special for me. (Making a giant pillow fort and watching Mickey and making cake all day)
tylerritchard tylerritchard Mar 26, 2016
Name: Cara 
                              Boy: Sodapop 
                              Plot: when he proposed 
                              Description: dirty, long blonde hair, blue eyes, 5'4 height.
QueenBeeChandler QueenBeeChandler Aug 11, 2016
Name:Emily Winston
                              Boy:Johnny Cade
                              Plot: Johnny asking her to marry him on her seventeenth birthday and nervous to ask her 
                              Description: Icy,blue eyes that show her emotion, and black,straight hair always in a ponytail or just down. Heigh 4'9.
gee_ways_thighs gee_ways_thighs May 20, 2016
                              Description:height is 5'1, wears retro glasses that are black & gold rimmed, medium length dirty blonde curly hair, brown eyes, can be sassy at times and is sarcastic and funny.
                              Plot:Two and I go to the nightly double and he surprises me by proposing.
hinkalove hinkalove Dec 28, 2015
Name: Liv
                              Boy: Sodapop
                              Description: hazel eyes long brown hair averadge to short.
                              Story: Sandy comes back and trys to get soda back and i get jealous. But he chooses me. Thanks