Adopted By One Direction

Adopted By One Direction

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They always say that your family will always love you no matter what.

I think it's a lie. Sometimes life is a Lie. 

Everyone has been told "I hate you." From someone they love. For others it's a constant thing.

All because of an accident. When they are hurting they can't accept the fact that it was their fault or no ones fault at all.

They find someone to blame hoping that they won't blame themselves. They hold a grudge on that person for the rest of their life maybe.

It's how family falls apart. That's how mine fell apart. It's the reason for everything

It's good to cherish your life everyday. Cause one day it's all going vanish from your sight and you won't even be able to remember the good times.

Same with people. You have to know when to cherish them. We get broken easily. I learned that the hard way.

Some people walk into your life as a mistake. Most stay while others leave. They all leave.

People change. But others are willing to change you for your benefit. What if it helps? Would you trust them then?

                 Adopted By One Direction
         (Will be revising once completed)

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                              jk, I know that the only difference between garlic bread and buttered bread is a seasoning lmao
Oh my gosh. I'm going to die in a hole before I wake up everybody.
                              *whispers* crumplebottom.
                              Gets funnier every time. Kind of like using incorrect grammar 😎
insanebrr_ insanebrr_ Feb 09, 2016
Aww I really tend to fall for these kind of stories where the girl is so cute and innocent and the guy is rich. I'm a typical teenager I guess. I liked it. But which guy is she gonna love?
mariamloza223 mariamloza223 Jun 06, 2016
Don't tell other writers... But I love this fanfic. And I like the way in the beginning when Louis was acting like a baby. It felt like I actually saw him. Just keep writing. And people that are gonna hate. Ignore Dem bischs
exiolet exiolet Nov 15, 2016
Ummm... Maybe because you're malnourished, honey. (OHMIGOSH, SHE'S A FRIGGIN' IDIOT!!)
justAfangurlll justAfangurlll Dec 26, 2016
I'm confused she's been there since she was 5 it's been 3 years how is she 11?  I thought Kira Kosarin was playing her?