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Best Friends with Benefits (Completed)

Best Friends with Benefits (Completed)

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Lizzie W By Ebizzle123 Completed

"Rox, you really sure about this?" He asked as he hovered above me.
"I've never been more sure in my life Cole."
"You know this is changing our friendship right?" He said.
"Yes, but we are best friends, we're allowed to be close besides it just means you get to know what I like better." I smirked and he chuckled.
"I don't think best friends are meant to be THIS close. But I'm not complaining." He said. 
"Just shut up and kiss me already." I said and he crashed his lips to mine, before we started something I knew I'd never regret.

Cole and Roxy have been best friends for a very long time, since she was three and he was four. To everyone else, that's what they were but they also thought they were all in love. Which they weren't. 
To them, they were just best friends- with benefits. They hooked up a few times which-as always- led to problems. He was a player, with irresistible looks and an amazing personality he had no reason not to be. But he always treated her differently to them, he made sure of that. She knew he was different to her, but they strictly viewed each other as best friends. She was pretty, and pretty spontaneous too. And she didn't really want to fall in love again after her last boyfriend, so she went to Cole. Which caused the start of their new pact.

hazlenut_icecream hazlenut_icecream Apr 26, 2016
Cause he spent his time shirtless when he was training to learn ice magic.
Sheridanlovelace Sheridanlovelace Nov 22, 2016
Omg! I obsessed w/ fairy tail, I love that you mentioned it in the story!
Okay so like I just read the little description and like its so true like boi. Cause like the guy I like, I knew his since I was 3 and he was 4 so it's just like Innshsbwhdhhejshbdbsjsbwbejjsjsiahwbajjsjsjsjshsjwaxjkwlzdppwkdncoshahksofktjdnckwkjsjdjsnnldlxkdnneksksndnksksmn
demonspath demonspath Oct 16, 2016
It's a English college right...(twat)... lololol...oh God I can't stop laughing
HAII does anyone mind reading my story Nothing Personal? it also has friends with benefits
mehleven mehleven Sep 18, 2015
Eek! I didn't even realise you wrote a new story!!! I'm reading as much as I can right now.