Run, Hide, Survive (boyxboy)

Run, Hide, Survive (boyxboy)

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GeNN~ <3 By gennloveskpop Completed

Everyone thought today was going to be a ordinary day. Well, no sadly a zombie appeared. Then another and another. 

Blake, a senior in high school was showing the new kids around when the first zombie appeared in the school. He saved Kido, a foreign exchange student. 
Blake and Kido find other people and manage to escape the school madness.

Will they manage to survive? 


This story contains boyxboy.
Don't like, don't read.

I always have a knife on me. I just really like knifes. My friends think I have a problem. They're worried I'm gonna kill someone but when the zombie apocalypse happens and they are all dying I'm not gonna help them
Randomly brings machete to school just I'm case of a zombie apocalypse
I actually have a knife in my backpack in case of zombie crap. What? Okay maybe its because we live in a bad neighborhood
Nevermind the fact that they are in a hotel room, with one bed and 6 couches
glenkring glenkring Jul 25
Hey am I like your story that's all . I'm so not like others who criticized someone's work . If I don't like a story I won't vote nor put a comment that's all   , too simple .
Okay, now its a mix of highschool of the dead and i am legend.