Run, Hide, Survive

Run, Hide, Survive

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Everyone thought today was going to be a normal boring ordinary day. 

Well no, they were wrong, a zombie appeared then another and another. Who would've guessed that the zombie apocalypse would happen on such a beautiful sunny day like this one.

Blake, a senior in high school was showing the new kids around when the first zombie appeared in the school. He saved Kido, a foreign exchange student. 
Blake and Kido find other people and manage to escape the school madness.

Will they manage to survive? 


This story contains boyxboy.
Don't like, don't read.

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It feels like I've heard that in a movie but I just don't know what movie...
MaLou-chan MaLou-chan Jul 25
ya know, apart from the fact that there's undead monsters everywhere and you've just seen a bunch of people killed by them, presumably traumatising you and effectively forever changing your view of the world?
breakfast0waifu breakfast0waifu Aug 28, 2016
I always have a knife on me. I just really like knifes. My friends think I have a problem. They're worried I'm gonna kill someone but when the zombie apocalypse happens and they are all dying I'm not gonna help them
Sorryitslashton Sorryitslashton Jun 20, 2016
Randomly brings machete to school just I'm case of a zombie apocalypse
inexplicable0 inexplicable0 Jul 06, 2016
I actually have a knife in my backpack in case of zombie crap. What? Okay maybe its because we live in a bad neighborhood
JustBeNerdy JustBeNerdy Nov 24, 2016
How Would You Know...You've Been In The Zombie Apocalypse For A Couple Minutes?