What Feels Right / This Loving Game

What Feels Right / This Loving Game

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Paul McCartney (42) and Julia Lennon have been in a relationship for quite some time, and now they have decided to take the next step and move in together. What Paul hadn't expected when he had agreed, was that he would fall in love with Julia's son, John (17). 

This is an AU fic set in the late 1950s. It will concern a relationship with a large age-gap. The age of consent in my country, as well as England, is 16, so it would be legal, although questionable seeing the circumstances. If you don't like this, please don't read. 

Coverart by shhdonttellthat.tumblr.com
Thanks, you! 

Pairing: John/Paul, Paul/Julia and John/OC
Rating: Eventually NC-17  (slow-build)
Disclaimer: I do not own The Beatles and this is fictional. I do not make money from this. This is also posted on my tumblr account.

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nevelpappermann nevelpappermann Jul 10, 2017
Oh, really John? Because I'm pretty sure Elvis would beg to differ.
insanityeatworld insanityeatworld Dec 21, 2016
Have of what I say if meaningless but I say it just to reach you juuuuuuullliiiaaaa!!
insanityeatworld insanityeatworld Dec 21, 2016
"He took a deep breath and unwrapped his silk scarf from his neck." 
                              Lol a silk scarf? What a diva. Then again, it's Paul. what else do you expect?
- - Sep 11, 2015
omg I've been reading this on Tumblr, I just found out you had a wattpad too! This is one of the most interesting & well written fics I have read in ages :) Great work!
RollIt2me RollIt2me Sep 06, 2015
this sounds like it's going to be a very interesting story.  I'm in!