~Duo~  Tamaki x reader

~Duo~ Tamaki x reader

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Lost in the Stars By CelestialShadowWolf Completed

(Y/n) is new to Ouran. She's not rich and she lost her mother when she was 5. Now she has to tackle all these stuck up rich people who hate her because she's not one of them. (Y/n) has a very important recital coming soon. She needs to find a partner for her flute melody. Will she be able to find someone when the host club starts to notice her?
I DO NOT OWN ANYTHING RELATED TO OURAN. I made this whole story up except for a few parts. I hope you enjoy!!!

Eyeless72 Eyeless72 Oct 18, 2016
Any one else play the flute IRL? Just me?.....thought so.....😂😂😂
Mirana_Da_Wolf Mirana_Da_Wolf Aug 28, 2016
You know what else makes a good weapon? A clarinet case. >:3
*shakes head slowly while puts mlg shades on*deal with it
                              *cue the "OHHHHH"*
AshStorm380 AshStorm380 Jan 01
I play bass clarinet, and my old bass clarinet seriously could've functioned as a battering ram XD
mahomiegirly21 mahomiegirly21 Jul 19, 2016
Aye that's what I play, the flute 😇 along with the piccolo
I wanted to play flute for my band one time and I got so nervous that I blurted out clarinet instead.... too late to change my instrument now. Oh well