Mortals Meet Demigods    (Mist and No Mist)

Mortals Meet Demigods (Mist and No Mist)

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Brooke By books_owls_song Updated Nov 15, 2015

Like the title says,
Mortals meet Demigods. Mist and No Mist. When there is Mist I will put an M. When there is no Mist I will put NM.

I am sorry if I use your name and/or school. I try to make up all the schools and people.

Disclaimer:  All the demigods (except for the ones I make up) are not owned by me. All rights go to Rick Riordan.  Thank you and have a nice day.

Oh uh.. I'm not crying. You just activated a water switch in my eye
I say hello to the stars every night for Bob,no matter it be rain or clear skies
I have that book and read it like 1000000000 times! Its so good!
You don't need to gasp. The gods are used to his sass and ability to piss them off
Me: *gets popcorn* *gets blanket and pillow* *gets comfortable* *everyone stares* "We'll be here a while."