Creepypasta X Reader Part 2

Creepypasta X Reader Part 2

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Shadow Blue By soul_eaterfan168 Updated Sep 09, 2016

Same as the Creepypasta X Reader the first one 

Warning : Bad languages and mature things when writing lemons

more characters to see that you have requested

enjoy~If you don't like this than stay away from this book!

Omg what about 
                              Itsty Bitsy x reader lemon
                              Candy pop x reader lemon 
xBleedingxButterflyx xBleedingxButterflyx May 14, 2016
Five Nights At Freddy's!!!!!
                              Bonnie: Nuuuu not another lemon book!
                              Vincent: hehe~ suuure~
                              Me: -runs away- Yeah FNaF but do not add Vincent bye~
EmiTheDerp EmiTheDerp Sep 08, 2015
Lost Silver X Reader  and Lost Silver X (Oc Persona)Emily? :"D (You can message me if you want some info/ref? ;w; )
InsanitySkullCandy InsanitySkullCandy Sep 07, 2015
me: -dress like Grell From Black butler- BASSY!!!
                              Jason: *screams* -Runs-
GiveMeWalffles GiveMeWalffles Sep 06, 2015
My oc Shadow x  Laughing jack. Message me to know more about Shadow. (By the way Shadows a girl)