But Daddy

But Daddy

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babyboy By littleCallie Completed

Calum misbehaves so Ashton has to punish him. 


Calum disobeys, Ashton punishes, and Calum may just like his punishment too much.

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hush_dont_tell hush_dont_tell Nov 01, 2017
If you’re using an IPhone, go to settings, then General settings,  Then keyboard settings, and then Text replacement. Then press the + in the top right corner and where it says “phrase” type in Calum and it’ll stop autocorrecting it.
HOOD59 HOOD59 Jul 26, 2017
Everyone's over here like "my dad used make us do squats" or "my mom hit me with a spoon" and I'm over here my mom used to take off BOTH of her chanclas and throw them at my siblings and I and she never missed
OreoCookie1236 OreoCookie1236 Sep 08, 2017
Just a little tip, if you're using a laptop you should be able to right click and choose the option add to dictionary so when you spell "Calum" it won't autocorrect. Idk if this works on all laptops but it's worth a shot.
HOOD59 HOOD59 Jul 26, 2017
*walk into room* oh look I have a bunch of grown man diapers for cal *gets one and comes out with it*
-lovelylashton- -lovelylashton- Jun 18, 2017
i mean, i sure as hell know what his problem is and i would be glad to tell you but the chapters and events in this book are alreay planned out so im sorry
Royal-wakandan Royal-wakandan Apr 08, 2017
                              DOOOONTTTT TELL ME WHAT TO SAY