Dating the One I Hate

Dating the One I Hate

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Makayla Wagner By crazymak316 Completed

(Ereri AU Fan Fiction) 

Eren Jaeger has always been a constant third wheel amongst his friends, all in their relationship's and lovey dovey glory. 

Eren? He was alone. Still single as ever. Never even had his first kiss, or a relationship, to that matter. Thought he supposed he was alright with this. 

But, when his friends plan to attend prom, after telling him they weren't going, Eren walks in on them, catching them all in the act. 

When he finds out, and confronts his friends, they tell decide to tell him bluntly. He's /still/ single. Hurting him only more. Determined to prove them wrong, a certain someone, who happens to be a long lost childhood friend, steps into the picture saying he and Eren are dating. What?! 

Will the feelings and memories resurfacing be a good thing or bad thing? Will they get together for real? Or live life close, but farther than ever, as they try to keep the lie going, to fool their friends? 

Enjoy Reading: Dating the One I Hate 

[I do not own attack on Titan nor the characters!!]

No_Shits_Given No_Shits_Given Dec 28, 2016
Me: levi your petite too!!
                              Levi: im not petite im fun size
skyinfox skyinfox Jan 03
Just saying about armin and jean that ship is wrong it Marco and jean and armin and Erwin
nicoprotectionsquad nicoprotectionsquad Dec 27, 2016
I have a problem
                              Whenever I read I read fast
                              So every time prom is in a sentence
                              I read it as porn
                              I do a double take and go back
                              "I was thinking about this for porn?" 
                              Is all I read
No_Shits_Given No_Shits_Given Dec 28, 2016
Did levi just....
                              THAT TREE HUGGING PIECE OF orange? HAIR THAT BUM ASS NIGGA GO DIE
Muesli1 Muesli1 Jan 21
Dude, at least a few like you. I don't see the problem here.......
1238wolf 1238wolf Jan 23
I stare at the back of their heads until they fell uncomfortable and add me into the group