homeless :: h.s {slow updates}

homeless :: h.s {slow updates}

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the homeless boy on the corner.
he always wore a blue beanie.
and she always gave him whatever spare change she had leftover at night. 

(lowercase intended)

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stylesnjs stylesnjs Feb 26
I'm still recovering from 'THE  BOY IN THE ATTIC'  so please don't make me cry please don't make me cry
fvckanita fvckanita Jan 31
I'm already in love with this story and I just started it haha
leedsdeluxe leedsdeluxe Aug 06
i can't even eat in a restaurant if someone is in the street feeling hungry, i just feel so bad and i give him all my food.
we all always feel bad for harry how he had to go through all the labels that come with fame: ‘womanizer,’ ‘ladies man,’ all the tabloids that talk about his 12+ sports cars, and like this really puts that into perspective.
Whenever i feel sad and depressed i go out and offer all my change to the poor. I even bought one of them lunch. Biggest. Mood boost. Ever.