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The best Of Me

The best Of Me

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Xxkimiotaku By Xxkimiotaku Updated Jan 01

(give this book a chance? c: ) 

Eren with an abusive father, and a haunting past. His sister Mikasa who basically Hates Eren ever sense his mothers death. Eren becomes depressed but keeps trying too find true happiness. Levi is a criminal who is controlled none other then Erwin. one day when Eren is drunk, and walks into a dark underground ally, he finds Levi there and Levi tries killing Eren but stops for some reason. there Levi takes Eren home, and Will Eren be scared of Levi. Once Eren escaped he was taken to the nearest hospital, where jean was there taking care of him. jean becomes obsessed with Eren and confesses his love to Eren. Eren didn't feel the same way and it only angered Jean more. everything gos down hill when Erwin comes into the picture

Branine Branine Sep 26, 2016
One of my many talents. Which also includes falling up stairs and choking on air
Damn and I thought I had it bad. Want to come home to the comfort of food and a bed but forgot to wash dishes so no food was prepared.
xXMaddieRocksXx xXMaddieRocksXx Aug 27, 2016
XD everyone's like 'I ran into a pole' but me? I'm just chilling and saying I ran into some bricks when I was 5 and crack my skull but whatever
nico_fuck_angelo nico_fuck_angelo May 04, 2016
lol i did that once... huge bruise on my foreheard rip ;-; XD
ssoy_milkk ssoy_milkk Mar 21, 2016
My mom and gma has always said that clouds have always caught my interest too
SuperUltraFangirl SuperUltraFangirl May 30, 2016
That's how I feel when I wake up and I don't notice I'm in the classroom