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The best Of Me

The best Of Me

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Xxkimiotaku By Xxkimiotaku Updated Jan 01

(give this book a chance? c: ) 

Eren with an abusive father, and a haunting past. His sister Mikasa who basically Hates Eren ever sense his mothers death. Eren becomes depressed but keeps trying too find true happiness. Levi is a criminal who is controlled none other then Erwin. one day when Eren is drunk, and walks into a dark underground ally, he finds Levi there and Levi tries killing Eren but stops for some reason. there Levi takes Eren home, and Will Eren be scared of Levi. Once Eren escaped he was taken to the nearest hospital, where jean was there taking care of him. jean becomes obsessed with Eren and confesses his love to Eren. Eren didn't feel the same way and it only angered Jean more. everything gos down hill when Erwin comes into the picture

I laughed at that typo. Let's go find you are mommy. 
                              Ok little girl. Let's go find— oh shït you're mommy
The misspelled words have me flinching and aching to correct them.
The too and to doesn't matter people, the books amazing okay!?
AkitaKyoko AkitaKyoko Mar 12
I'm sure he wishes he'd die in his sleep or either the night would never end
Not to be mean or nit-picky, but you should use to instead of too.
                              Too: instead of also
                              To: everything else
sili1423 sili1423 Jun 12
I have a knife I hope I trip when I am holding it next to Mikasa's neck