South Park: A Book To Piss Off The Fandom  (COMPLETED)

South Park: A Book To Piss Off The Fandom (COMPLETED)

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AHAAAAAAAAA By Blazedarkness Updated Mar 28, 2016


In this book, I have one ultimate goal: to  piss of the fandom.

MoaMao MoaMao Sep 02
I honestly feel like most authors do this because they're not creative enough to think up a good plot tbh
wintxrlily wintxrlily May 30
I have Tweek with one blue and one brown, but he wears colored contacts that make his eyes green. And yes, glasses Tweek. Glasses Tweek forever.
wintxrlily wintxrlily May 30
Lol, not mine. I'm so obsessed with Kyle that I just put him in wherever I get writer's block and that means that Stan, Kenny, and/or Cartman are around too.
In my first creek I don't think I included Stan and Kyle whoops
EllaLovesHetalia EllaLovesHetalia Nov 07, 2016
I was literally dying reading this, it's too accurate XD bless you for writing this
ImATiredPotatoe ImATiredPotatoe Dec 13, 2016
so once upon an alternate universe k shipped Tyde and commented that I shipped Tyde even though the tree hadn't planted its seed in the harbour of my heart( ya feel?)