An Alternative Choice: Bella and Jacob's Story

An Alternative Choice: Bella and Jacob's Story

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nanaisme By nanaisme Updated Nov 07, 2010

This remarkable story makes up the alternative ending to the Twilight series. Bella is in love with Edward, yes, in Stephanie Meyer's point of view. But what if, what if we all could just take a moment and see who was left out?

I'm sure you guys know. 

The person who was always waiting under the wings for Bella, the person who swore that they'd never do anything to hurt her. 

Let's all go into an "alternate universe" and see what would have happened if Bella had a second chance, a second chance to choose who was the perfect one for her. 

Bella Swan and Edward Cullen were made for each other.Of course, Edward IS a vampire who totally thirsts for Bella's blood, but, other than that, everything's perfect.  But, they both know, a human and a vampire are very two different things. 

But when an incident happens at Bella's eighteenth birthday party, something changes. Edward now realizes that the world of vampires and humans had a boundary that neither of them could ignore. 

Left in the forest, crying and lost, Bella seeks help, trying hard to move on. But something won't let her. An unseen wall in her heart won't let her escape. 

Bella then meets and bonds with an old friend, Jacob Black. The two get along great, and everything might just be fine for Bella. But when Bella learns Jacob's secret, her world is again, turned upside down. 

And, throughout the story, Bella seems to find hope. As she tries to push aside the fact that Edward, her lover, had left her, she finds a new kind of light... a light to help her out of the darkness. And it seems to Bella that Jacob is her savior, the one who helped lead her out. 

As the story progresses, Bella and Jacob bond together, in a way so passionate and strong, that even those with the hardest of hearts soften with the truth of the world.