Daddy's Broken Boy (BoyxBoy) BOOK 2

Daddy's Broken Boy (BoyxBoy) BOOK 2

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Thorne Kaylock By Superior_Magpie Completed

Felix and Ryan's story -- sequel to Daddy Issues.

A year after Javier dies, Felix and Rei are left alone. That is -- until Felix meets a very sexy, British stripper. Can Felix ever move past Javier and start his life again?

Ryan's father is a cold man. A rich man, but cold, nonetheless. Only in the small hours does Ryan receive any love. Until he runs away. Can Ryan ever be happy with himself?

queencracra queencracra Sep 11, 2016
Me me me me me me me me me please please please please I want daddy
Val_Mendez04 Val_Mendez04 Apr 13, 2016
After Daddy Issues I came here just in seconds. I love the story so far!!!!
ILoveReading83 ILoveReading83 Jun 23, 2016
um... I actually like the broken Ryan... Yeah...
                              NOT THAT I WANT HIM TO BE SAD ALL THE TIME... Just... Yeah .-.
ILoveReading83 ILoveReading83 Jun 23, 2016
I wonder how "for god's sake" is said in spanish🤔
                              *imagines spanish nanny saying "for the love of got" in a spanish accent
                              (Dont hurt me i just laugh at my stupidity because what nanny said is still english ._.)
emmavale0191 emmavale0191 Sep 06, 2015
I'm supposed to be asleep and I just realized that you already posted these chapters!!!! Screw sleep
LeXiCaStLe96 LeXiCaStLe96 Sep 05, 2015
I wonder if Rei has ever asked them how they met and what their reactions were haha too hot yet too cute!