4. Disowned Prince  #romance COMPLETED

4. Disowned Prince #romance COMPLETED

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How far will a father go to bend his son to his will?

"If you marry this thing, consider yourself unworthy to be called my son!" Alex's father shouted pointing towards Gabriela Montes. "I never thought you would stoop so low.....


Alex saw his fathers gaze trained on Gaby and his son as he looked at her with disgust and hatred. Stepping away from his position in front of the other guard, he went to shield his family from his fathers intense gaze. 
"Stay away from my family," he said in a tone that could have easily frozen hell a thousand times.
His father scoffed saying, "Which family. All I can see is a whore and a bastard."

"Sir I have shown you nothing but respect. You can say all you want about me for all I care, but don't you ever refer to my son as a bastard. I don't care if you are a high and mighty king, just keep in mind that dynamite comes in small packages, hence do not be fooled by the little woman you see before you," she said in a tone that could easily scare of even a lion.
"So the tramp can speak," Dione scoffed.

Read on to find out what happens ;-)

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Angielb73 Angielb73 Jun 05
His dad is going to be a mess well at least his friend is sticking with him looks like his friend likes the other friend this book is going to be good
Angielb73 Angielb73 Jun 05
Wow how nice they both pregnant together now they can go shopping with each other
he could be my damn grandma for all I care, I'm murdering him
Im confuse they are from greece right?
                              But why mi amore?its spanish right and tesoro is italian?
krys93 krys93 Aug 28, 2016
So that mean its ok for him to disrespect ya'll. Fùck that he need his aśs beat
read1932 read1932 Dec 29, 2015
Yes continue its getting interesting wondering if the couple will marry and last