Truth of the Silvers (Vampire Knight)

Truth of the Silvers (Vampire Knight)

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colorlesssky9001 By colorlesssky9001 Updated Jun 12, 2015

Her name is Rose. Full name is Rose Megumi Silver, and after 3 and a half years of pestering, her mother has finally gotten her to at least try out Cross Academy. The catch is that she gets to stay in all the same classes with her best friend, Jason- and no one could know as well as her that he's a vampire. So sticking with her partner in crime, she gets to know the gang, brighten up some of their lives, encounter jealously, make mistakes and pester stubborn people....

Ummm, I should warn you of the faults: I wrote it when I was around 12-13 (my first fanfic in fact so if there is any amateur features you can not fathom, please excuse it). Riddled with grammatical errors (I will be a grammar Nazi's nightmare, but I've seen worse). I don't exactly remember if there are any bad words in it- pretty sure that there aren't so you're (mostly) safe. 

(Btw. Vampire Knight isn't mine. Only the slight twist that Rose and Jason [my o.c.] are going to cause in the plot line. <---will be following it closely though)

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Areonniell Areonniell Mar 27, 2016
RUN he gonna eat you!!! I mean I wouldn't mine but you never know people have different opinions...
MiTO-MaRS MiTO-MaRS Mar 23, 2016
She's one of the few OCs with personalities I actually like~
helgaderi helgaderi Jan 02, 2016
Soo glad my school doesn't have uniforms. If they did I mean if I run they would see my underwear from under the skirt.
Neon-Krypton Neon-Krypton Dec 17, 2015
Yes a creepy dude in a corner is normal for me. It's because im so damnFABULOUS!
gab0509 gab0509 Aug 27, 2015
Hanabusa acts like such a player but he gets flustered so easily
katherineacostacute katherineacostacute Jul 18, 2015
hey schools have uniforms... you know what else has uniforms... jail!!