P.I.E. Chart Operation: PARASITE

P.I.E. Chart Operation: PARASITE

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Alan, Wake Up By Shinigami36 Updated Nov 23, 2016

Greetings, fellow readers! 
This is a story about two ghost hunters named Johnny Ghost and Johnny Toast, part of a ghost hunting company called Paranormal Investigators Extraordinaire, or P.I.E. for short. 

Their job is to investingly  investigate in investigations involving ghosts investing--professionally(or not)!
However, their normal work day is interrupted by a goofy but sadistic serial killer none other than...

Jimmy Casket! *cue random thunderstorm and gasping crowd* 

Certain situations bring a pile of characters into portals away from home. While Toast, Ghost, a few Acachallas, and Lights Zeron are just trying to find their way back,  the parasitic psychopath has something else up his sleev--

*incoming message* Hey, this is PAPA...uh...Acachalla! I don't trust those dumb ghost hunters around my *bZZt* family! And they keep stealing my food--Hey! *bZZT* Sorry, sir, but the radio isn't yours. *end of transmission*
- - - - -
Also, besides for cover art, chapter 5, 6, 12, 13, 15, and 21, none of the art is mine.

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FoxFaceAnimations FoxFaceAnimations Apr 18, 2016
Wait- wut? Why are they two different people? AHM CONFOOZLED
NerdInLeTrashCan NerdInLeTrashCan Jun 27, 2016
Jimmy, I swear, if you took over Toaster JUST to attack Ghosty, I'M GONNA BE THE ONE WHO PUTS YOU IN A CASKET!!!
FlutterBat1 FlutterBat1 Aug 08, 2016
Theonlyimaginary Theonlyimaginary May 17, 2016
As soon as it said, "whisky obsessed" I could tell that this was a good book, (and I loled so hardXD)
Numbles Numbles Oct 15, 2015
I haven't started reading yet but I know from the description this will be good. xD