To Be Healed

To Be Healed

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xxLissaMaexx By xxLissaMaexx Updated Nov 24, 2016

Lori wants out of the lifestyle she is in, but being beaten and tied down day after day by her boyfriend Demarco makes her think that her only escape will be to let him kill her once and for all. It didn't start out this way. He baby stepped her into this lifestyle before she knew the ins and outs or the right and wrongs. It didn't take long before she realized that Demarco was all wrong. She'd seen other couples happy in their roles, but she was miserable. It isn't till she meets Neil that the possibility of real love begins to grow in her. Lori only hopes that she can escape from the grasps of her abuser and into the arms of the man who wants to heal her.

For Mature Audiences only. 18+

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  • abuser
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  • healing
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abymae abymae May 01
I'm enjoying it so far, and I like how you emphasize safe and consensual. Or should I say that you emphasize how this particular relationship is NOT safe and no longer consenesual. ;)
EverGrowingWonder EverGrowingWonder Sep 15, 2016
Nah she'll be better after leaving your ass. You better put your mf clothes back on!
iammastar21 iammastar21 Feb 11, 2016
Even though my major  is criminal justice and I want to be an attorney I would NEVER DATE a man who is in the corrupt law enforcement  because stuff like this happens ALL THE TIME!
carlee85 carlee85 Dec 14, 2016
Love all your stories! I hope this one doesn't disappoint. None of your others have disappointed so far so I'm excited for this one!
EverGrowingWonder EverGrowingWonder Sep 15, 2016
Hell to the nah! I'm done somebody get this fuckboy out of here! 😑😒👋
iammastar21 iammastar21 Feb 11, 2016
This is NOT BDSM THIS IS PHYSICAL ABUSE ! There is a DIFFERENCE.  He is trying to say that it's BDSM to make it seem ACCEPTABLE WHEN IT'S NOT !!