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Forced To Buy Him

Forced To Buy Him

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MoonGirlxvi By MoonGirlxvi Updated Jan 14

SaraJane Yalers or S.J for short, a simple girl who lives in the new human world. For about 400 years humans and vampires lived together, not in harmony, they still had their fights but together as neutral neighbors but about 4 years ago a power hungry millionaire thought that the vampires should be humans slaves. War broke out, many people died but in the end the humans won, only because they built a weapon that was able to harness enough sunlight to kill multiple vampires at once. They became our slaves, people owned them, bred them, killed them did what ever they wanted, almost no one took pitty, if you did you were constantly harassed almost to the point of death. Our main character of this story is just a regular girl forced to grow up in such a hate filled world, her father works for a company called V.S where they breed the vampires, study and torture them into slavery, it's also where you can buy one. He is Vice President of B&T, Buying and Trading of the company and 2nd in command behind that millionaire we mentioned earlier. Her mom works at a bakery in the city, her mother has more of a kind heart towards vampires then her father does, he believes that they are bugs under our feet, while she believes that they are creatures of the earth and deserve respect too.Talk about a family fued, it is almost S.J's birthday and she is turning 16 and entering the 10th grade, she believes it's gonna be a smooth ride with little to no bumps in the road, but little did she know she was about to get the biggest holes, bumps and stops in the history of the once smooth road. The plot and story line are owned by me plz do not, copy, recreate or take anything.

Hey hope u enjoy, vote , comment (keep em nice) loves u my little beauties. <3

LermIEworm LermIEworm Mar 18
This is kinda messed up because things like this happen in real life to.
Can you read my story forced to buy a human Slave? It's like this story but reverse role where female vampire/human is forced to buy a human Slave guy but falls in love with him.
Allistorm Allistorm Apr 04, 2016
I love bvb too! Omg it's awesome that a  character looks like andy. Can't wait to read more! Please update soon.
mercury345 mercury345 Dec 18, 2016
You are SOOO lucky! If my parents come  home and I'm watching TV instead of studying,  they Whup my ass😆
EveSlim EveSlim May 02, 2016
damn that was a good start you wanna know something i appreciate it if you at least updated a chapter or 2 like that would be amazing so yea uhm thanks
Kitsunes_Flames Kitsunes_Flames Mar 27, 2016
You have a very good story line here. I hope you update soon. Good job so far.