Be Mine Or Else.. (Vaati X Reader)

Be Mine Or Else.. (Vaati X Reader)

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Ginger_*Snap* By Shana-Beanz Updated May 13, 2016

I know I should update my other books, but in lazy. Also having writers block. 

Time to change things up!  Enough Adventure time! Time for.....

Legend Of Zelda! 

We all know how lovely the Wind Mage Vaati is~ oh my.... How can one go from Cute to Hot as hell ( not to mention handsome ) in like.... A seconded?! 

Anyway..... I hope you readers enough this... I know I will. 

And yes. You are a princess. Don't read if you don't wanna be one. It don't matter. I don't care. 

On with the story!

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Wait. . . hold up, Vaati says quote un-quote, "I'm just here to simply enjoy the party. . ." okay, so like no one appointed you as Maleficent, so like get out and send the Cheshire Cat, IT'S TEA TIME!
Inkdeath2001 Inkdeath2001 Nov 24, 2017
Boy I can fight let me at the purple midget I'll kick his ass!
Beyond-Brithday Beyond-Brithday Nov 27, 2017
..... Sorry, this program doesn't speak to people before it has died, come back at a later time
Slenderman slenderman dresses in darkest suit and tie slenderman slenderman all the vhilderen try to run slenderman slenderman YoU mOsT cErTaInLy WiLl DiE
SSillyGoosee SSillyGoosee Sep 30, 2017
Hahaha maybe this wind mage will just get me away from this boring party 😫
Inkdeath2001 Inkdeath2001 Nov 24, 2017
Link toss me a knife! He's touching me and I'm very uncomfortable!