Dark Dreams - Septiplier

Dark Dreams - Septiplier

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Everyone's favorite hero Mark is the smiling face of YouTube, bright and bubbling over with cheeriness and the optimism everyone knows him for. Yet, things are not always as they appear on the outside. Mark struggles to deal with problems of the past, finding it hard to sleep and relying on his friends more and more for comfort, striking up curiosity and worry within them all.

Finally, Jacksepticeye himself makes an appearance in America wanting to help Mark, only to find out he became involved with something a lot bigger than he expected. Mark's life hangs by a thread, and the only way to save him is through dreams even darker and more dangerous than reality.

And Jack is the only one who can fight his way through.

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siren_morgue siren_morgue Jul 05, 2017
Going to read this story for the 11th time now. Still love it just as much every time ❤️
craftyounder craftyounder May 16, 2017
Why do I wish it was jack having the bad time and Tyler Ethan mark felix Bob and wade helping him??🙄
Xexclaima Xexclaima Mar 31, 2017
Friendssss? Are there any... benefits... with strings attached...
PsychoGenius PsychoGenius Aug 29, 2017
This book has been in my library for AGES. I tried to start it but never had the time. Can't wait, it looks awesome and I've heard great things!!
Llamicorn_Bruh Llamicorn_Bruh Oct 30, 2017
I can already tell Ik gonna love this book since the it's written by the same person who write curse and that was a damn good book.
sunny_likes_stars sunny_likes_stars Nov 05, 2016
                              Are you fuckin sure?!