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This Is the E.N.D (Natsu x Reader)

This Is the E.N.D (Natsu x Reader)

54.8K Reads 1.7K Votes 15 Part Story
It's lit🔥 By natsufangirl2000 Completed

The book of E.N.D has been opened, awakening the beast inside someone so innocent. Only the power of family and love can possibly save someone from the depths of darkness. 

                           "I'm so sorry..."


This book also takes place after the one yet time skip. I just brought back some things from Tartarus.

bookworm_nerd112 bookworm_nerd112 Aug 04, 2016
Seriously when were all buddy buddy let's be chums buds, home slice, breadslice home dawgs our friends are probably being killed or near death
KatieMcGame KatieMcGame Aug 06, 2016
I came to the comment section here thinking the word : determination = Undertale references.
comorade comorade Aug 10, 2016
Nope because since your non existent brain could process such things
ItsProbablyFlame ItsProbablyFlame Nov 17, 2016
*Using all your magic up, fills you with  D I S P A R
                              *Natsu's determination to keep you alive, fills you with H O P E
FeatherFix FeatherFix Jun 22, 2016
It's weird. I feel the sadness coming from this, and I feel it affect me. The tears just won't come.
                              I'm weird m8
kitty-neko kitty-neko Jul 28, 2016
We just talking all buddy buddy while our guild in the back ground fighting