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Is YOUR OC a Mary Sue?

Is YOUR OC a Mary Sue?

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NEKO IS HERE TO STAY, OKAY? By NekoGamingPrincess Updated Nov 17, 2016

I'm Neko, and today I'm asking you
Is YOUR OC a Mary Sue?
Send in your OC'S
I'll tell you what fandoms I'll take in the first chapter, so don't worry!
I'll... TRY to be nice
I'll most likely be kind, unlike OTHERS I always see
Respect is important, so I will try to remember that!
So, click that read button right now!
I don't care
Do what you want!
Peace, Kittens!

ChilliBeens ChilliBeens Apr 27, 2016
I would like to submit my homestuck oc. Should I pm you it or somf?
MikotaraSkies MikotaraSkies Jun 06, 2016
Could I submit an oc?
                              ((It would probably take some time though...))
TheAnnoyingOptimist TheAnnoyingOptimist Jul 25, 2016
I feel like some people can't really help but have a Mary Sue character 
                              Like if they're new to writing of course they're character development isn't going to be great
                              But it's awesome that your helping people out
NerdyFangurl-chan NerdyFangurl-chan Jun 11, 2016
What's an Original Fandom? Sorry I get a little lost sometimes
castrophony castrophony May 01, 2016
By any chance do you watch miraculous ladybug bc I wanna do a joke sue based off the show
XxRavenAzulinexX XxRavenAzulinexX Nov 22, 2016
                              Half Demon
                              Girl (Duh)
                              Shes funny and serious at times. She cares for her friends
                              (shes in my oc book)
                              She has wings and Dark magic (She aint Op)
                              Most of the time shes calm but if you bother her while she is meditating she will get mad XD (*Cough cough Beast boy cough cough*)