The Roommate Agreement (Teen Fiction)

The Roommate Agreement (Teen Fiction)

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«Gabby» By Candybubble1 Updated Apr 16

Jaelyn James seems to have everything a nineteen year old girl could wish for. 

Jaelyn has her own apartment; which means no adults are going to be constantly reprimanding her. But her parents decide that it would be best if she has a roommate. Naturally, her parents have to pick her roommate out. To make things worse, her new roommate just so happens to be Jesse Stevens. 

Jesse Stevens looks like a grey-eyed, angelic Hollister model. But sadly, he's just obsessed with boxing, tattoos and staying in shape. After a few days of getting to know each other, Jesse explains to Jaelyn that since she works at a gym she should learn how to box. Jaelyn reluctantly agrees because she could teach boxing lessons and it would get her more money. Plus, there was just something about boxing that intrigued her. 

Soon after Jaelyn learns how to fight, she gets into a small brawl with someone from Powerhouse Fitness. That someone was the female boxing champion at the gym. This puts her plans of teaching lessons to a hault. 

Mae Jones, the cocky champion, demands that Jaelyn fights her in the upcoming tournament. Even though Jae still knows barely anything about boxing, she agrees. 

So instead of worrying about colleges all summer, she has to worry about something she knows nothing about. At an attempt to keep Jaelyn's training sane, Jesse creates a roommate agreement so they both can have a life and so Jaelyn can kick ass at the tournament. 

Will Jesse and Jaelyn fall for each other or will the secrets from the past be too dark for them to handle? Could problems in the present tear them apart and ruin their training? Will Jaelyn beat Mae? Will Jaelyn be able to complete the tournament?

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Begin2003 Begin2003 Mar 02
I know what a cuttoff shirt is, but i can’t stop picturing him in a crop top🤦‍♀️
anu4340 anu4340 Mar 12
And as we know it he turned out to be a duck big surprise yada yada yada
pailing pailing Jul 31, 2017
Stephan James is my baby I can't get over how sexy and how bad ass he looks😘😍
newt250na1031 newt250na1031 Jun 19, 2016
I love the new cover. He looks good in all of his pictures. Hope you'll continue the story
_MissMoonPie_ _MissMoonPie_ Jan 18, 2016
Really enjoyed this tbh and it will most likely be better than the last one 💜💜
GlennRheeIsMyBae GlennRheeIsMyBae Dec 05, 2015
That would be hard since I have my bff over randomly without our parents permission. . .