The Glader Girl  →  the maze runner // newt

The Glader Girl → the maze runner // newt

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bianca rose By opacities Updated Nov 14, 2016

She's arrived at the Glade. She doesn't know where she is. Or who she is. She's learnt everyone's name. Except for hers. Now there's two girls in the Glade full of boys. What is going on? Who placed them here? Stuck in the centre of a maze with no clue on how to escape?
Then she meets Newt. A dirty-blond haired guy with a strange accent that she begins to fall head over heels for. Teresa may get her dream guy, but what about the other girl? Of course she can't get him. She's just the girl who can't even remember her own name. 

But there's a lot more to worry about than romance. 
As soon as the Greenie arrives, disaster strikes. and it keeps striking. She's already causing more trouble accidentally than the Glade has experienced in the past three years. There's something up with her, something different, but no one can quite put a finger on it. And it's not just the Gladers that are experiencing the strange things, it's even more troublesome for the greenbean herself.
What happens when she starts having unexplainable dreams that become hard to forget? Are they real memories from her past life or just her vivid imagination?

After a few almost-fatal accidents, the Gladers grow over-protective of the glader girl. But whatever they seem to do, she seems to wind up in more trouble.

"She's the only other girl, we need to keep her safe!"
"Well we don't seem to be doing a very good job of that."

{bad at descriptions, better at writing}

Disclaimer: All characters and fiction are the works James Dashner, the creator of The Maze Runner series, not me. I am responsible for the main character and her actions, and some events that occur is my work of fiction.

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