Forgive me

Forgive me

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shadow visor By shellycrimson Updated Mar 31, 2013

the world goes on everyday

it makes changes for us every single way

one day i am making this one girl smile

the next i make her cry cry cry

I dont want this to be how I react.

I am sorry for the way acted

I've been stupid today in many ways

I just dont want to make it my worst day.

I love you my dear...

i just dont know whats going on?!

I'm spread so thin every which way 

and I'm a mess thats all, okay?

I"m trying to get back on my feet 

love, I didn't mean to be such a creep

I'm sorry is all i can say

I dont want you to leave me

and that the truth i swear.

I'll get back to being the one you love.

I never meant to hurt you at all. 

please forgive me is all i can ask.

and this poem i dedicate just just for my vamp.

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