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If You Really Knew Me

If You Really Knew Me

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Aura Lyle By auralyle Completed

We've all judged someone by their appearance, who they hangout with, how they dress, what they do &etc.
Everyone's been there, everyone's afraid to show there true feelings.
Everyone has there own groups, like nerd, prep, loners, jocks, losers. And you have to realize, we are all the same, we all go through pain, we all suffer. It's part of being a human being. And for people who have not realized that, need to start.
So on October 2ndOR3rd, Everyone on facebook OR twitter post a status saying one thing following the sentence "if you really knew me"
It's a time to stop caring about just yourself & have others listen.
You're not the only one who's hiding something, maybe it's time to share it, and let people know why you are the way you are, maybe more people will stop treating you like someone your not.
Don't get me wrong, I've been a victim of bullying & I've done it myself, but I've realized that it's karma for me what I do to other people, so I've stopped.
Understanding peoples thoughts, is the best thing someone can do.

Songless Songless Feb 27, 2011
Hey, we did the 'If you really knew me' thing at my school, they should do it at every school, I think.
auralyle auralyle Oct 03, 2010
@AlecYoungblut i knew you were, you left candy wrappers there ;)
                              you know there was a time when you said some stuff that made me forget all about the friendship and things we shared, 
                              i'll hold you to that promise
AlecYoungblut AlecYoungblut Oct 02, 2010
yes, i am hiding in your closet.
                              I guess you don't remeber what i told you when we used to hang out more.
                              And i've been reading stuff on wattpad for like half a year ago when bathroom stall went down again. -.-
                              i promise ill tell no one :)
auralyle auralyle Oct 02, 2010
@AlecYoungblut okay, but promise you wont tell anyone okay?
                              this just got really embarressing...
                              wait how did you even start "browsing" wattpad
                              i swear alec are you hiding in my closet or something
AlecYoungblut AlecYoungblut Oct 02, 2010
Idk, i was browsing this the other day.
                              Saw one of your stories somewhere.
                              And im like
                              AHAHAH I KNOW WHO THAT IS :D
                              and no im not hacking -.-
                              Wtf would i.
                              AND ITS MY CANDY PIC
auralyle auralyle Oct 02, 2010
@AlecYoungblut wtf? how did you know i used wattpad alec? and second of all yes i did... third of all are you hacking something of mine? fourth of all WTF?