The Last Swagman's Son

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Duane By chairsniffa Updated 4 years ago
After the tragic murder of his father by loggers, Jimmy Duggans pledges his life to a fanatical crime spree that will plunge Australia into an eco terrorist revolution as he and his gang of greenies go on a rampage to save humanity from its own greed. With his high school girlfriend at his side, he will rob banks to fund environmental activists anonymously, sniper loggers, hunt kangaroo hunters and ruthlessly murder CEO's, politicians and reporters who don't believe in climate change! And all with the tacit support of some of the nations largest crime syndicates! Mixing Robin Hood and Bonnie and Clyde, Ned Kelly and Chav Guerras, is he good or evil? Deranged or revolutionary? And what will be his legacy?
Wells is a great new character, and the flavor of the outback is really great. Great stuff.
Oh Wow, ChairSniffa < You have made me speechless, i am just already hooked into this story - do upload more - im looking forward to reading the next chapter  =]
                                    - MzSaLvaTor3
EPIC STARTING ... Caught My Attention, Reading The Next Chapter
                                    - MzSaLvaTor3
                                    ps. A little upset, you didnt inform me about this new story, but I guess I havent been on myself likey alotie ^.^
                                    The story about tge father was a nice touch.
                                    Eco- terrorists? Great Idea.
                                    But...he *hiccups* killed someone :(
                                    I did however notice some mistakes....but you did say you'll edit later...... :p
great writing. Provocative and original. Brutal opening that really grabbed me and made me hate the guy-- both of them. This should be an interesting go.
@chairsniffa God that's radical.... but all those will make this book hell specky and suspenseful. He's like the ultimate tree hugger.... Except scarier.