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How to Write Naruto Fanfiction! [REVISED FOR THE 2015 NARUTOCALYPSE]

How to Write Naruto Fanfiction! [REVISED FOR THE 2015 NARUTOCALYPSE]

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94 Years Later By Izunee Completed

So you want to write Naruto fanfiction? Okay. That's cool. How much of it have you read? Thought so. Stuck for ideas? Yep, I thought so too. Well, this book is for you - you are the future of Naruto fanfiction, the future of the fandom...and to be honest, our only hope. Let me tell you, the ain't pretty. There's a lot of people repeating the same mistakes over and over without even going to the wiki to check...and worse than that, there's people destroying my mind with it.  So how do we make Naruto fanfiction better? Well, that's what I am trying to do with this guide. Hopefully, this guide will inspire Naruto fanfiction writers everywhere to write stories that make me feel a bit less like reaching for the brain bleach and a little more like turning the page to the next chapter.   So what are you waiting for? Read on!

Xeno_Jiiva Xeno_Jiiva Apr 13, 2017
*Crashes and bangs in the background* Please say that again 😂😂😂
qenoah qenoah Mar 09, 2017
True, I've learned to like lots of new anime, but Naruto will always have a special spot since it had always gave me so much excitement and inspiration to dream. wow im cheesy
Xeno_Jiiva Xeno_Jiiva Apr 13, 2017
Swearing is very fun. You son of a fücking bïtch. No offense 😂
Kielaxx Kielaxx Jun 10, 2017
In all honesty I will always love Naruto. It has a special place in my heart. I love the meaning and life lessons that you learn from the story and the characters and what they go through. 
                              I just want to give the anime/manga justice since I want to write a fanfic about it 😩 man its hard
Oofuri Oofuri Jul 24, 2017 timI read one where Naruto and the oc fvcked after they met each other not even a day earlier, Sasuke tried to rape her, and then Naruto got her pregnant and Sasuke fvcked Sakura because he was jelly. The brain bleach was really needed.
meawcrew111 meawcrew111 Jul 12, 2017
Objectively it's not the best anime but there's something about it that just reels you in and takes over your life. It's like someone loving the Harry Potter movies knowing pieces of art like inception exist, but those type of movies just don't give you as much feels