Circus Freak

Circus Freak

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"The Circus King Finally found his long lost Circus Queen."
Maria a simple girl who lives in a small little quaint town.
Nothing ever happens there nothing ever exciting .
Maria never left her little town so she kept her self busy by doing adventures around the small town to keep her self sane.
So what happens when a Circus comes into town?
She jumps on the chance to see them something is finally happening in her small town and she couldn't be happier.
Everyone is excited to see the Circus but some are frighten for what has happened in the past.
Maria's parents aren't as excited as the rest of the people in the town.
Maria didn't know why but she didn't care enough to ask.
But her past will soon come back and she will be showed the truth.

Harry the Ringleader that captured every teenager to twenty year olds hearts.
Also the Leader of the Circus he controls everything.
He captivates every ones attention to want to see the Circus over and over again by his dashing looks and charming smiles.
But from what Maria seen he's nothing like that at all it's just an act all of it.
He's broken in side and he's to stubborn to realize that.
So will Maria help him to realize that he's a good person?
Or will she just fall for the Ringleader instead? 

Find out in Circus Freak!

All rights belong to me these were my ideas and my ideas only please do not steal them.

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