Sketch(y) Boy | ✓

Sketch(y) Boy | ✓

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to him, she's a masterpiece. 
to her, he's a captivating mystery. 

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[Cover by @lets-defeat-the-huns]


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BookwormNation1 BookwormNation1 Nov 20, 2016
It might make the earth happier but the people on it will always destroy that
BookwormNation1 BookwormNation1 Nov 20, 2016
It's true I like to think I can see deeper shadows, brighter colors, more patterns and more blurry pictures because I can't see without my glasses 😂😂 but for real most artists have more creative minds and scientifically DO see brighter colors
revolutionary- revolutionary- Nov 03, 2016
I'm good at art but I wouldn't consider myself as an artist nor would I say I see the world the same as others so I guess that just makes me human
Geminiwolf21 Geminiwolf21 Dec 08, 2016
Chapter one and I'm already hooked.
                              Why does this have to be a short story. Why ;_;
ignoration ignoration Nov 17, 2016
Idk why but I keep thinking that the title is "WHO ARTED"
                              WTF IS WRONG WITH ME