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Arts & Edits >w<

Arts & Edits >w<

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Miyaki Naoka By Kuroneko_01 Completed

Stuff that I drew and edited while I was on bored, inspired or on a coffee high. Please don't take my drawings, I wuv my drawings and I drew and/ or colored each one of them for about an hour or so. 

The edits, well, they're not mine, I just edited them. They still belong to their respective artists even if they are in their edited forms.

If you want to use my drawings, ask me for permission and don't claim them. I don't need credit, but don't claim them or encourage others to do so, I dislike plagiarism. Whelp, I'm taking requests and such. Meow. I am a neko. Deal with it. Cover is mine too.

DISCLAIMER: I only own my OCs and my drawings. I do not own the anime characters that I draw nor the original art of the pictures I edit.

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