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Alyson McLayne By AlysonMcLayne Completed

From 2016 Golden Heart® finalist Alyson McLayne comes a new Historical Romance series set in medieval Scotland. Five boys destined to become Highland Lairds are fostered together to become brothers.  Darach, Lachlan, Callum, Gavin, and Kerr fight for their clans, for each other, and for their own true love. This is Darach's story...

fruitcup8 fruitcup8 Apr 12, 2016
The last line of this chapter is very sweet! I'm happy to read more! Thanks for sharing your story!
TacyTLC TacyTLC Apr 19, 2016
after reading several vapid stories ours is a breath of fresh air . lol  pleased to find something Different . Obviously written by an adult . Just wanted to comment on our story cover . On one hand i found it intriguing but not sure others would as I am odd . Still thinking  as I enjoy  our story
AlysonMcLayne AlysonMcLayne Oct 12, 2015
Thanks Luc!  Um...a bonnie thochti i'scrievin back at cha.  :)
                              I appreciate the vote and the comment - only problem is Harlequin won't accept any votes that aren't registered on the first page: PITCH - PART 1.  Would you mind going back and re-voting on that page?
LucianoIogna LucianoIogna Oct 12, 2015
What a fun read!  A true page-turner.  Well done, Ali  -  a bonnie thochtie i' scrievin.
mspicher mspicher Oct 12, 2015
I read & enjoyed the prologue and chapter one!  Well done!  I am new to Watt Pad, but did vote for you!  Good luck & may lots of reading fans head your way! I hope to read the rest of the story this evening.
AlysonMcLayne AlysonMcLayne Sep 20, 2015
Thanks Kymberley.   It means so much to have someone comment on my work.  :)  I'll post the full manuscript on Sunday or Monday.