Give me one chance.  (An Orochimaru love story.) {complete}

Give me one chance. (An Orochimaru love story.) {complete}

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Kira By balder614 Completed

Orochimaru is someone who is feared by all shinobi because of his appearance and felt so alone as a child.  But a little girl the same age as him came over and made friends with him.  But what will happen when he finds out who her family is?  And what is to come of Orochimaru, will he leave the village with her in tow, or will he stay for her sake?

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MelodyTheDevil MelodyTheDevil Aug 19, 2017
Iruka is younger than orochi moo moo and he's not even supposed to be born yet
balder614 balder614 Apr 01, 2016
Couldn't think of anyone else, so I went with Iruka, he probably won't appear again anyways, so why not?  Thanks for liking and reading my story.😄
Uchiha_Levi Uchiha_Levi Mar 08, 2017
Ain't Iruka younger than Orochimaru a lot? I mean, Orochimaru is about 50 something so how is he seeing Iruka when he was little when Iruka wasn't even born when Orochimaru was a child?
jjeennyy01 jjeennyy01 Apr 01, 2016
Good story but just one question... sense when did Iruka get older then Orochimaru? Iruka is like 25 and Orochimaru is 50 in the series?