The Lost Boys

The Lost Boys

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"Do not touch the lost boys. 

The Lost Boys are off limits. 

No one is allowed talk about them behind there back. 

No one is allowed to judge them.

 No one is allowed to look them in the eye. 

No one is allowed to challenge them.

Those are the rules."

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Eat_Sleep_Read_Life Eat_Sleep_Read_Life Jun 21, 2016
Criminal Minds has been teaching me, I want to move there!!!
cfm1609 cfm1609 Jul 14, 2016
Sounds like something  me and best friends would do she would run him over show up at my house with the body and a shovel and I would help her bury the body and hide all evidence and dismantle the cameras
SkullsRosesandMrJ SkullsRosesandMrJ 3 days ago
Well let's see if she can break 16 by breaking a fourth wall in a fourth wall
childofknowlege childofknowlege Dec 14, 2016
am I the only one who doesn't know what meth is? and if someone is going to answer the question could u pls tell me what IHOP means?
EchoLoud EchoLoud Apr 25, 2016
My friend when ever his name is called he says "I didn't do it!" Then if he finds out its a good thing he goes "oh wait.....never mind I did that." Now I use that when ever my parents call me
breeza22 breeza22 Jun 22, 2016
this is really good but why in the flaming bats of hell would you have her uncle only be seven years older?????