The Alpha's Son

The Alpha's Son

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Sweet and Deadly By Sweet_and_Deadly Completed

I'm not like other nineteen year old male werewolves

They like to play fight, I like to sing

They like to play with girl's feelings, I like to befriend them

They hate makeup and dress up, I like them both.

Their wolf forms aren't pink, mine is.

They can defend themselves, I can't

Ceris is the most girliest boy in the pack, The golden paws.
His father is the alpha, so you expect him to be the strongest.
but he's not 

With all the girls as friends.
he was bullied by the other guys.

But when Ceris finally snaps
How does the pack get Ceris back to his regular self.

  • alpha
  • drama
  • fighting
  • gay
  • mean
  • problems
  • romance
  • werewolf
Hell yeah ! Maybe I'm better off dead 
                              If I was will it finally be enough !SWS FOR LIFE !💜
- - May 25, 2016
If I was would it finally be enough to drown out the voices in my head
CastielTheWaffleGod CastielTheWaffleGod Dec 19, 2015
Well split his age in half and add seven. 22 in half is 11. 11+7 is 18 that is the youngest person he can date! So yes. Yes you can.