Paired up with a Thief

Paired up with a Thief

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LVPpgz_HM By Hitsuka_Matsuri Updated Nov 30

Blossom Flowers, daughter and princess of King Brock and Queen Bloom Flowers, she holds the power of fire and leaves in the Flower Kingdom.

Buttercup Stars, daughter and princess of King Brent and Queen Brenda Stars. She holds the power of wind and leaves in the Star Kingdom.

Bubbles Waters, daughter and princess of King Brine and Queen Bella Waters. She holds the power of water and leaves in the Water Kingdom.

This three princesses were best friends.

One day, something happens that changed everything....... The Flower, the Star and the Water kingdoms started crumbling down until nothing was left but wrecked houses and ashes. The King and Queen of all the Kingdoms were locked up in a dungeon. The princesses escaped, each was left with a pearl necklace.
Buttercup had the Pearl of Courage and Brave.
Blossom had the Pearl of Purity.
Bubbles had the Pearl of Sincerity and Smiles.
These pearls were made up to make the Tiara of Harmony, to restore peace to the kingdoms.
Can they do it?

I love what you did with the pearls! I also love the way you were creative with the kingdoms! It's more unique if you do it by yourself
..........*waiting for the story to start*...................................
This sounds like the story line to my little pony eqetria girls
RougeCur RougeCur Mar 07
Nooooooooooo!!! Why, description!? Why are you so heartless as to not let her write more!?
AnimePetLover22789 AnimePetLover22789 Sep 17, 2015
Question for the ppg's i read. Why does the ppg always have different parents and the rrb are brothers?