You're The One I LOVE

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Vicky By vickyv Completed
In Love with my dad's best friend? Sure I have loved him
    from the time I was a 7 year old. But now, every touch or 
    look from him makes me feel hot and tingly all over
    But in love or lust ... With a man I call Uncle??????
What is happening to u uh ur fallen for him  I knew something was going on
Ur pull out game better be strong bruh. U didn't package ur sausage
@KatherineMiles nope I think it was fine but that's what u think so 
wow! actually, I dont find this scene, malicious or pervy.. :) actually, it's sweet.. ^^ they didn't had s*x.. they made love.. :) well done, author.. XD
Hhmm.. Interesting huh? Bago to.. Sana lang hindi matanda ung uncle nya.. hahah :)) Anyway, I'll read it now! Ciao!
Phew! Cold shower needed now haha! I liked ya descriptions...I guess it was a bit weird them acknowledging their feelings and then straight away going all the way?