Heart Sigh • Jikook

Heart Sigh • Jikook

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How to feel a heart sigh? If you are full of nervousness and vulnerability to the boy who's confused with his feelings for you. 

How do you know the truth? If you don't confront someone and you keep on just assuming everything he does. 

What will you do? If the one who get your first kiss is not feeling the same as you.

Jimin and Jungkook are groupmates of the group BTS. They are always on the lead when it comes to bromance. But how real is their relationship? Is it just a fanservice for the fans, or there's something behind their romance on camera?

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This book is R18. 
It contains explicit scenes, strong language and mature themes that is not suitable for young readers.
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15/09/04 @jikookpie
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silberkey silberkey Oct 12
Omg now that i saw blood sweat and tears I LOOK DIFFERENT AT JIMIN
                              With THIS jimin in my mind the ff will going to be HAWT
KcClarkson KcClarkson Nov 20
Hold up! Tae would totally be bottom when it comes to Yoongi!!!!!
sassyjungkook sassyjungkook 5 days ago
Wow something new to me. lol I've only read Jungkook as top. Apparently my library is full of top Jungkook.
Well.... thats the first. Usually tae is bottom but okay. I'm in for something new
kokolabouche kokolabouche 5 days ago
He's laugh is so contagious just thinking about it makes me laugh
Nah I could never be homophobic.(burn them homophobes alive ya. Let's summon satansoo.) 
                              I'm pan myself.