On the Run - Aomine x Reader x Various

On the Run - Aomine x Reader x Various

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You used to go to Teiko. You were friends with the generation of miracles.

But you randomly left them without say and now you're in high school and you're back.

You tried to avoid them.

But you are reunited with Aomine Daiki, he was practically you best friend (or something more)

But times change and so do people

He doesn't seem to be all that happy, infact he's angry at you.

How will the other GOM react? Will they find out?

Wonder why Aomine's so mad?

You'll have to find out, because I don't even know myself.

*Various x reader, undecided of this moment.

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YokaiBread YokaiBread Apr 02, 2016
Aren't there students in the goddamn school 
                              WHY AINT ANYONE GETTING A TEACHER IR SUNTHIN
xliezelGx xliezelGx Nov 07, 2015
Or can I?
                              *goes to Attack on Titan*
                              Me: TITANS EAT ME!!
                              Titans: Nuh-Uh I ain't eating an insane woman. Bye Felicia