"Uta no Prince-sama" Various x Reader Oneshots

"Uta no Prince-sama" Various x Reader Oneshots

66K Reads 1.9K Votes 24 Part Story
Tetra☁Link By TetraLink Completed

A book of Utapri Various x reader oneshots!

Requests are closed! ^o^)>

♪Magazine(Syo x reader)
♪Movie(Ai x reader)
♪Smile Magic(Otoya x reader)
♪Jealousy(Jealous!Otoya x reader)
♪Picnic(Reiji x reader)
♪Piano(Masato x reader)
♪Strawberries(Camus x reader)
♪Attention!(Camus x reader)
♪Jelly over a bunny(Jealous!Kira x reader)
♪Swings(Jealous!Nagi x reader)
♪Happy Birthday, Ranmaru!(Ranmaru x reader)
♪What is Love?(Ai x Android!reader)
♪Rainy Night(Ai x reader)
♪What am I to you?(Syo x reader)
♪Morning Hugs and Kisses(Tokiya x reader)
♪Surprise! Surprise! Surprise!(Ren x reader)
♪Costume(Cecil x reader)
♪Gifts(Jealous!Ranmaru x reader)
♪You deserve someone better(Natsuki/Satsuki x reader)
♪Can I kiss you?(Syo x Tsun!reader)
♪Spying(Jealous!Ren x reader)
♪Merry Christmas!(Natsuki x reader)

Disclaimer: We do not own Utapri nor the medias that are presented here in this book.

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TetraLink TetraLink Oct 22, 2015
Yuki: Sure thing~ we'll inform you when your oneshot is done!
- - Oct 22, 2015
Hiii again! So i see not many people request Natsuki. So can I have a One-shot of Natsuki please~~
joellechan1213 joellechan1213 Oct 19, 2015
Can you do a jealous ren x reader plz?? If you you're busy then it's fine!
Maru0Kotobuki Maru0Kotobuki Oct 17, 2015
If you can do a jealous ranmaru x reader i would love that! And if you can't that's fine!
USATAN_48 USATAN_48 Oct 14, 2015
Umm... I would like to request Ren please, since tomorrow is my birthday... I'm sorry for requesting twice.
Yet-chan Yet-chan Sep 25, 2015
Hey im sorry for requesting again but will you make a jealous kira x reader and nagi please im sorry for requesting again