Beacons Centurion

Beacons Centurion

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DovahkiinSamuel By DovahkiinSamuel Updated Aug 12, 2016

(Naruto/RWBY crossover) this ones a little different from my others, it'll be a lot darker than my other works.

Naruto Namikaze was found injured on the side of a road as Fugaku Uchiha went to visit Minato and Kushina. They had met an unfortunate end from a Grimm horde and Naruto was barely able to get away. He was adopted by the highly esteemed military family of the Uchiha, trained in the art of war. At age 11, he found a loophole in the army's policies that allowed him to join, quickly raising through the ranks. At age 14 he achieved the rank of Lieutenant Colonel, though his mission went haywire. Returning hardened and ruthless, he attained the nickname, "Centurion" linked to the Legend of the Roman Empires ruthless tactics and merciless nature. When his younger brother, Sasuke, decides to attend Beacon, Naruto follows to ensure safety. Witness the legend of Naruto, Beacons Centurion.

Disclaimer: I do not own Naruto, RWBY or the characters that I will be borrowing from other series. I do claim ownership over the characters I create for this.

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harris2435 harris2435 Jun 12, 2017
So awesome. Great reference to Roman Military, nice touch. 👍👍👍👍
CookiezAreAwsome CookiezAreAwsome Mar 03, 2016
DennisGeschwindt DennisGeschwindt Jun 15, 2016
This is making me wonder if there will be other final fantasy characters in this. Weather there are or ore not,great chapter
bookygurl bookygurl Sep 19, 2015
What does semblance mean? I keep reading that but I don't know what it means.