Sky Song: Overture (Fantasy Steampunk Novel)

Sky Song: Overture (Fantasy Steampunk Novel)

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Meg Merriet By MegMerriet Completed

| Featured Story | This fast-paced novella follows the adventure of a fledgling sky pirate as she becomes entangled in a revolution.

For a year, the scrappy picklock Clikk has flown aboard The Wastrel disguised as a man. When her captain kidnaps a girl named Molly, Clikk is furious to learn that he plans to sell her as a bride to a despotic emperor. 

Molly has a secret that could be the catalyst of a revolutionary war, but the captain can't wait to be rid of her. Girls are bad luck on airships, and this one suffers a curse that makes her unable to stop crying. Clikk schemes to help Molly escape, but to do so, she must inspire a mutiny, stop an imperial wedding at sky and sneak the girl onto a hijacked ship, all while enduring the child's intolerable crying curse.


"If you have ever loved a fairy tale, odyssey, or penny dreadful, you'll feel right at home." -- Sarah Toledo

"A coming of age story introducing Merriet's well designed steam world." -- Alan Reid

"The music weaves beautifully into the story creating a symbolic song of human lives." -- Katherine Wahlberg

lol do they think women carry diseases only found in the female sex? Last I checked, they all emerged from a woman. 😂
What a wonderfully way to get readers interestedly.I'm hooked!
LuckyPlum LuckyPlum Mar 07
Came back to say this was a compelling way to get me to go on, which I did.
CaptainSarcastic101 CaptainSarcastic101 May 27, 2016
I still prefer 'skyhauled.' Windhauled sounds like something else. ;) But this rule sounds strangely fun.
kit_mccartney kit_mccartney Jun 04, 2016
love the new covers Meg, so delightfully-eerie, the designs truly artistic;
                              and the concept arts are captivating as well  :)
letusfallup letusfallup Aug 23, 2016
Need this rule for my place. All my brothers? Cargo hold it is~