Sky Song: Overture (Fantasy Steampunk Novel)

Sky Song: Overture (Fantasy Steampunk Novel)

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Meg Merriet By MegMerriet Completed

| Featured Story | This fast-paced novella follows the adventure of a fledgling sky pirate as she becomes entangled in a revolution.

For a year, the scrappy picklock Clikk has flown aboard The Wastrel disguised as a man. Sky piracy isn't the noblest occupation, but growing up under a dictatorship has forced her into a life of crime. When her captain kidnaps a girl named Molly, Clikk is furious to learn that he plans to sell her as a bride to a despotic emperor. 

Molly has a secret that could be the catalyst of a revolutionary war, but the captain can't wait to be rid of her. Girls are bad luck on airships, and this one suffers a curse that makes her unable to stop crying. Clikk schemes to help Molly escape, but to do so, she must inspire a mutiny, stop an imperial wedding at sky and sneak the girl onto a hijacked ship, all while enduring the child's intolerable crying curse.


"If you have ever loved a fairy tale, odyssey, or penny dreadful, you'll feel right at home." -- Sarah Toledo

"A coming of age story introducing Merriet's well designed steam world." -- Alan Reid

"The music weaves beautifully into the story creating a symbolic song of human lives." -- Katherine Wahlberg

EdgarMalboeuf EdgarMalboeuf Sep 10, 2016
                              As in, from the root word, Amaranthine? That's... perhaps my single favourite word. And I'm not one for favourite words. You've gotten yourself a reader, love.
JaxonBlacc JaxonBlacc Oct 16, 2016
Wonderful chapter with killer descriptions. Really enjoyed it.
letusfallup letusfallup Aug 24, 2016
Is their religion one you've merely touched upon for the sake of dialogue?
dommetch dommetch Jan 31
I love the dialogue choices, they really set the mood for a pirate novel
CaptainSarcastic101 CaptainSarcastic101 May 27, 2016
I still prefer 'skyhauled.' Windhauled sounds like something else. ;) But this rule sounds strangely fun.
kit_mccartney kit_mccartney Jun 04, 2016
love the new covers Meg, so delightfully-eerie, the designs truly artistic;
                              and the concept arts are captivating as well  :)