ANOTHER REDHEAD » james [s] potter

ANOTHER REDHEAD » james [s] potter

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two cousins. a prefect. a prefect's best friend. his childhood mate. a prankster. 

and a whole lot of drama. 

[a james sirius potter fanfiction]
[all rights to jk rowling]
[©TheBrunetteWeasley 2015]

James!Just...JAMES!You don't go at people and ask them who murdered their parents! It's not polite! First , you need to say hello. Then you can ask them whatever you want.
                              Eine Frage möchtest du bei einem hp rpg mitmachen. Also das wäre auf whatsapp dazu bräuchte ich (logisch XD) deine Nummer. Wenn du Lust hast einfach auf privat schicken.
GayQueenZae GayQueenZae Jan 24
I also always search for friends (mostly because I have like none irl) but that usually doesn't work out because I sometimes don't talk to people for days and they get really pissed off..  Sorry I dont know why I'm commenting..
                              HIS NAME IS JAMES SIRIUS POTTER.
                              AND THERE'S A MILLION THINGS HE HASN'T DONE.
                              BUT JUST YOU WAIT. JUST YOU WAIT.
-mccalls -mccalls May 08, 2016
I misread it and I thought he said Roxanne is my daughter •^•
ThatMarauderGirl ThatMarauderGirl Nov 20, 2016
Let's be honest. 
                              Slayed but...they've said nothing egotistic yet.