Blood Knight (on hold)

Blood Knight (on hold)

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likelyunicorn By likelyunicorn Updated Jul 09, 2016

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He was there, fangs baring and eyes burning in the dark. Those fangs were alluring and captivating as they caught the harsh, orange light from the sconces lining the walls. My brain told me to run, but my feet were glued to the ground. My heart pounded against my ribcage, sending painful jolts to my limbs as they shook.

"Stella....Stella...."; he breathed heavily, never taking his eyes off me.


"Stella...I-" his entire body shook in strange convulsions. 

"No...Monticello!" automatically my hand reached out, wanting to at least reassure him I wasn't scared. But I was.

His irises flared a rich red, simultaneously causing the pupils to contract. A deep growl thundered in his chest. As his mouth widened, a ferocious, feral snarl escaped and sent my heart into overdrive. I took a step back, nearly tripping over my feet as he advanced. Before I could blink, he was lunging at my throat.

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michiyokiyomi michiyokiyomi Mar 03, 2016
Oooooooooooooo shiiiiiz a cliff hanger... So many questions, so many mysteries, IM SOOOO EXCITED!! I haven't read a decent vampire story in so long <3 Can't wait to find what else is in store
Emmaloolaa Emmaloolaa Apr 29, 2016
It was really good!!! Makes me want to keep reading over and over again 😍😍
Wings_08 Wings_08 May 01, 2016
I knew this was going to be a good read. Immediately I saw the cover, I knew. God bless you. Finally, A good vampire book. I was beginning to give up hope.
watashinosya watashinosya May 01, 2016
Tha background music is spooky, i watched this at midnight and felt like someone was behind me 😱
CarterKane02 CarterKane02 Dec 28, 2016
he dropped the torch right.... fire,like she already knows there vampires.if it was me i would be more concerned about the torch he just droped