Destined by Fate (EDITED)

Destined by Fate (EDITED)

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I couldn't stop the scream that came from my lips as my body doubled over in pain again. My body felt like I was on fire as I ran through the forest. 'What was happening to me?' I thought, trying to keep my feet moving. I kept running until I found a river and splashed my face, trying to cool off my heated body. I closed my eyes, collapsing on the dirt ground until the pain stopped. Only when I opened my eyes I was no longer human... but a wolf.


Side note, please be patient with me for I haven't written anything in a long time nor have I allowed the public to ever see any of my work. Also I will tell you now that there will be some 'hot' love-making in this book, which I will warn you in case you want to skip that part.

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mshellyg mshellyg Nov 12, 2015
How is it her stepfather? Doesnt he need to marry her mom to be her stepfather? Foster parent maybe or adoptive father if he adopted her..?