Imagines and Oneshots x Reader

Imagines and Oneshots x Reader

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LokiLaufeyson15 By LokiLaufeyson15 Updated Mar 07

You're in a small town in England, and you had gone to the coronation of the Commodore with your friend Elizabeth Swann. You had a beautiful dress on but your corset was a little too tight. 

After the coronation, you fainted and fell off the cliff, towards the rocks below. Nobody really noticed, because you were definitely not one of the most important people at the party. But Jack Sparrow, who was down on the docks, noticed. He realized that at this point, only he could save you. So he dove in after you, and pulled you up to the surface on the dock. Your corset, Jack realized, was what was keeping you from breathing. He slit it down the middle, causing you to breathe and choke up water. 

You passed out, but Jack knew you were ok. When you regained consciousness, you saw your old friend, Jack Sparrow. You two were in love but he left when the authorities were after him, Jack didn't want you getting hurt. He did make a promise that he would come back though. And here he was. As all th...

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