A Fading No One (Rogue x Reader)

A Fading No One (Rogue x Reader)

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yujini !! By thatonefairy Updated Jul 23

Ever since his best friend died, Rogue's been titled as the "silent one" at his new highschool. He and Sting always imagined finishing college together, working together, and at some point in the future, travel around the world together. But one car accident shattered those dreams apart.

Rogue Cheney doesn't have a reason to live anymore. He dreads school, trudging through each class, then coming home to an empty house (besides for his cat(?). But when this girl starts to pester him, she won't stop. No matter what. It's annoying at first... But turns out, she's not so bad.

"I think I've found a reason to live."

KandyceC KandyceC Jul 07
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KandyceC KandyceC Jul 07
He will be friends with Jesus and they will drive the car yelling with the windows down
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i'm not calling anyone out individually, i'm just getting tired that my notifications seem to always involve this paragraph.
I know that's supposed to be sad, but.....BLOOD! OH, WONDERFUL BLOOD
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